Anger At BBC Decision To Axe Much Loved Autumn Watch Please Sign The Petition

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Autumn is such an exciting time in the wildlife calendar Autumn Watch captures that excitment.

Autumn Watch is such a popular TV show why on earth would the BBC axe it? Understandably a huge number of people are very angry at the BBC for axing such a wonderful show. Please sign the petition below, if you have signed please share it far and wide, thank you!

Please telephone the BBC to lodge your comments too - Tel. 03700 100 222 - and your comment will be logged, many thanks to Tony Laidler for the heads up on this phoneline.

All these are new comments recently received...

Sheila “Please don't cancel Autumn Watch. It is the most interesting of the Watches.”

Anthony “Has the BBC gone mad with announcement it is cutting Autumn Watch crazy idea save the watch.”

Anthony “Are you mad, only thing on worthy off watching on the BBC.”

Elaine “Please keep Autumn watch this is what I pay my licence fee for.”

Carole “Don't cancel Autumn Watch! These programmes do so much to raise awareness of how endangered out wildlife is, especially through loss or pollution of habitat! We need to see more, not fewer, such programmes to help our wildlife survive!”

Wendy “There are few programmes of quality on television anymore. Please do not axe the best the BBC has to offer. Iolo is outstanding. I always feel he is taking me on a countryside tour with him.The knowledge he imparts from inside his head is truly remarkable & a delight to listen to. Please please! please! Do Not Axe these programmes. They are our lifeline to what is happening in the magical world outside our own front doors.”

Linda “Please don't cancel Autumnwatch as it's one of the best factual programmes on the BBC. Its educational and fun and the whole family look forward to watching it. Such a shame if its axed”

Jonathan “Please don’t cancel autumn watch.”

Lesley “Are you crazy. One of the best shows on TV where the stars are not overpaid arseholes!”

Pauline “This will be a huge loss to the BBC and the number of people who watch this amazing programme and bring wildlife into our living rooms. Think again.”

Colin “Please keep Autumnwatch it is a ray of sunshine in the Autumn of my years”

Jeanine “Please keep the Watches! It’s a joy every time again!”

Phil “Please keep Autumn Watch. It is important to me as I can't get out and about much myself and gives me an important opportunity to study nature.”

Louise “Please keep Autumn Watch It's good for all tbe family Connecting to nature helps us connect more deeply to ourselves and opens up the possibility of connecting to others. Invaluable support to mental health and wellbeing for all ages.”

Susan “Keep Autumn Watch, one of the very few progs that make it worth having a licence Axe. Some of the garbage which pretty much fills the schedules. PLEASE”

Irene “Please do not cancel Autumnwatch, it is not only one of the best programmes on the BBC, but is that rare thing, a programme for all ages. What else can multi-generational families all sit down together and enjoy. It gives so many ideas for things to do together and get out into the outdoors wherever you live. It is informative and made but so many dedicated and inspiring people. The "Watches" are easily the best programmes on the BBC. Please think again and save money on something less educational and inspirational. It's a long time since I have heard of such an unjustifiable decision. In these terrifying days of threats to our wellbeing both physical and mental, programmes like this can give a little belief that there is something that we as individuals can do to help redress the mess that man has made in this world. The way they energise young people to get involved in nature should show us the way forward. I whole heartedly despair if this is how the BBC thinks to respond to the growing awareness and interest that these programmes have generated. Please, please think again.”

Catherine “Please don't axe Autumn Watch”

Bruce “Please don't cancel this wonderful program”.

James “I love watching Winter watch, Spring Watch and Autumn watch. Maybe the BBC should stop paying out massive amounts of cash to people's crazy wages? Do not cancel this brilliant nature series.”

Phillip “Autumn Watch gives so much pleasure to so many people including my 83 year old Mother, I urge you to reconsider the decision to axe the programme.”

Janet “Keep spring autumn and winterwatch. Some of the best programmes on TV. Informative and beautiful.”

Jinny “Autumn, winter and spring watch are some of the best programmes on BBC. Who in the BBC thinks it's a good idea to axe these?? This decision needs to be CHANGED”

Beryl “These seasonal watch programmes are brilliant compared to some of the rubbish reality shows the BBC churn out. We need to keep it.”

Mike “BBC this is crazy why autumn watch is a fantastic show it's education at its best it shows what we have around us what we take for granted we have some of the most amazing and beautiful wild life in UK so please don't do this please don't”

Dunc “Keep autumn watch.”

Rosemarie “I love autumn watch and its presenters, leave it alone. We want to keep it”

Clive “Incomprehensible, a vital program for People to be able to connect with nature , for my family its good for your mental health and its very well presented . The thought of not being able to watch the best program on the BBC fills me with disgust but wait it's not woke is it ! shame on you BBC how dare you !!!!!!”

Jane “So lacking common sense to scrap a programme that attracts many viewers. Try cutting a game show and concentrate on core audience.”

Carole “What on earth are the BBC doing. This is a fantastic program I absolutely love it. PLEASE PLEASE do not remove it.”

Keith “Save. Autumn Watch another BBC mistake I will stop my licence and seek alternative entertainment if the BBC to not do a U turn on this programme decision.”

Jocelyne “Am appalled by this decision!! To scrap one of the most marvellous wildlife programmes whilst funding frightful, vulgar unfunny "comedy" is beyond words. I question if the head of B.B. C. is interested in wildlife!”

Reggie “Please keep autumn watch going.”

Here is that link to the petition just in case you missed it above..

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