Autumn Watch What A Fantastic Response To The Crazy Idea Of The BBC Cancelling The Show

Iolo Williams, third from right, is passionate about wildlife, keep him on the BBC!

The BBC has annouced it is cutting one of the most popular shows on Television - Autumn Watch! This is terrible news, please help reverse this crazy idea by signing the petition here...

It only takes moments to sign and if enough license fee payers sign surely the BBC will change it's mind?

Badger Oct 2

Autumn Watch brings everything from badgers, to beavers, to Bramblings to a vast audience.

Comments about the BBC cancelling Autumn Watch via our own website show how angry folk are...

Rita “Please do not cancel Autumn Watch as it's a great Watch and very informative on the wildlife.”

Dawn “Please don't cancel Autumnwatch. So many of us love it. I love the winter and spring watches too but there is something so special about autumn. Its my favourite season and I'm sure others feel exactly the same.”

Linda “Keep wildlife programmes on the BBC”

Paul “Autumn Watch, Winter Watch, Spring Watch and Summer Watch are not only very enjoyable and informative but vitally important in keeping our natural world at the forefront of the public consciousness. And, as Chris Packham says, they are a perfect example of what the BBC does best.”

Jan “Keep autumn watch please”

Graham “Axing the very thing God created for our wellbeing and pleasure is the pits. Technology is not the only on this planet and nature programmes are a vital source of enjoyment for countless millions and also great interest to me. Leave well alone.”

Craig “Don't get rid of it it is a good program i have mental health problems”

Steve “Remove some of the other rubbish the BBC broadcast and leave the good programmes like Autumn Watch”

Daphne “Yet another high-quality programme bbc wants to kill off. What will we get in its stead? More formulaic, dumbed-down reality nonsense? We REALLY NEED educational tv re the natural world”

Sjaak “Keep Autumnwatch alive!”

Shirley “What a joy Autumn watch is like all the other watches. Why are the bbc considering getting rid of it.? Its interesting fun u learn things”.

Collen “Enjoyed by many what is the true reason for taking it off”

Linda “Nature is under threat and this decision is so shortsighted”

Frances “BBC please don’t axe Autumn watch, such a beautiful and educational programme for all ages”

Christine “Please keep Springwatch, Autumnwatch etc. it’s a great programme, raises awareness for nature and gives lots of enjoyment to people who cannot get out. Thanks Christine”

Janis “Please keep the watches they keep me sain. They helped me through the first covid outbreak… help with mental health…such a nice program and lovely to see all the animals in there habitats”

Patricia “The Springwatch us brilliant. We thoroughly enjoy it.. It is wonderful to see the animals and learn more about them. It us an important programme and needs to stay”

Clare “Autumn Watch is informative and the presenters are passionate about their work. It would be foolish to lose this little piece of great BBC work.”

Donald “If the BBCstopped paying so called celebrities, football pundits and others so highly ,then they could perhaps afford to fund autumn watch! Millions enjoy it,SO DONT Scrap it!”

Darragh “We are living in a time of climate emergency, autumn watch is very important, please don’t cancel the show”

Dorothy “Please do not cancel Autumn Watch. In these troubled times it helps a lot to watch nature.”

Lorraine “How can you cancel Autumn Watch when it is so important to show people the importance of the nature around us and how to protect it. I can only assume that your Tory bosses have ordered this programme to be cancelled as they do not want the public to know how they are trashing the environment.”

David “Do not cancel Autum watch! Nature programmes are at a alarming absence on TV!”

Keith “Keep all the watches”

David “What are you doing the BBC this is a programme enjoy by the whole family and is educational across the board ridiculous decision.”

William “I support the campaign to ensure BBC continues to produce AutumnWatch”

Keith “This is what we pay our license fee for to watch brilliant programs like this not brain dead reality tv keep winter spring autumn watch on tv!”

Ellie “Please keep Autumn Watch - one of my favourite programmes- would be devastated if you axe it!”

Trevor “Spring is a not cancel this.why do they want to cancel it ????”

Susan “Please don’t cancel Autumnwatch BBC! I thought your brief was to be Informative Autumnwatch is educational increase awareness of the environment and gives great and harmless enjoyment across all age groups”

Jen “One of the best programs on the BBC, I can’t believe it!!”

Angela “Stop! We need our wildlife nature is key to the future Autumn watch informs and reminds us what is really important”

Peter “Keep Autumn watch on tv”

Martyn “It is a fantastic series. Leave it alone.”

Helen “This is such a brilliant show and definitely should not be scrapped.”

Mary “I would like to sign to keep this programme going for a long time to come. This programme has given us such an insight into the wonderful world of our animals and it would be catastrophic if it was removed from our screens.”

Katy “How dare you stop Autumn Watch... it's educational, we need it”

Kathryn “Please keep Autumn watch @BBC It is quality television that impacts on my emotional health and raises awareness into nature and the environment that is needed now more than ever..”

Ruth “Do not axe Autumnwatch - it’s too important”

Kerry “Fully support this campaign!!”

Mark “This is exactly why people are fed up with paying a license fee l”

Alison “I love all the Watches. Save Autumnwatch!”

Milissa “We enjoy learning about these animals and eco systems around the world. Please don’t cancel!”

Norma “Why????”

Amanda “I enjoy this show very much, it's so educational and a joy to watch”

Maria “Please do not axe Autumn Watch We need more wildlife shows not zero”

Shirley “Please bring autumnwatch back we need this for our own mental well being. To much rubbish on tv”

Robert “One of the best tv programs that they make and they don’t make many anymore. This should not be allowed to happen.”

Julie “I pay my license fee for the watches and look forward to them enormously. I'm a full time carer to my disabled sister who loves nature and can't access it. Therefore I can't either. Have never missed a Watch and will happily re watch”

Patricia “Do not cancelled autumn Watch. Find ither ways to save money. Salaries if broadcasters for a start. Linekar and Ball”

Huge thanks to all that have commented on the crazy idea that the BBC are axing Autumn Watch, please also contact the BBC direct via their website to make your views known.

Woodcock Norfolk 2

Eurasian Woodcock just one of the oh so many species we have learnt so much about on Autumn Watch.

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