Please Keep Signing And Sharing The Save Autumn Watch Petition More Anger Below

Red Squirrel Anagach 1

Sights like beautiful red squirrels light up our Autumn evenings on the BBC - keep them coming!

Please keep up the pressure on the BBC to reverse the axing of Autumn Watch - sign the petition and share the link to the petition far and wide. If enough people stand up for Autumn Watch the BBC will change their minds for sure. It is wonderful to read folks comments on why they want Autunm Watch on the BBC but please do ensure you sign the petition AND telephone the BBC to comment directly to those who have the power to keep Autumn Watch on the BBC, huge thanks.

Here is the link to the petition...

Once you have signed please telephone the BBC and leave a polite message asking for Autumn Watch to be kept on our screens, many thanks, here is the number to call...

Tel. 03700 100 222

All these are new comments received in just the last 24 hours or so..

Caroline “Keep all the autumn watch, spring watch & winter watch. What's our TV licence going too? It's for programs of interest, yet sadly it’s for rubbish, repeats, black & white programs, wise up sort yourselves out.”


Claire V “Please please reconsider! Nature programmes are all that keep a spark of Hope alive and the ' Watch's are top due to being 4 times a year. Each Season keeps us in touch with unfolding Nature & her Wildlife. Given the state of the World atm, we desperately need MORE not less...& how will the young ones learn to care for & protect our fragile blue pearl....”

Glyn “Great program” Terry “Save autumn watch ,great to see programme on wildlife, instead of all these quizzes”

Jane “Cut out the inane rubbish being shown most of the time, along with appalling language, and retain a very worthwhile programme”

Peter “Autumn watch is a great program with spring and winter watch I have been watching since Bill Odie started the program off years ago save the watch.”

Anna “Autumnwatch is a valuable, beautifully presented, factual, educational, family friendly, uplifting, programme that is sorely needed in this time of wildlife crisis. I would like to know who the sad person was who thought this axing was appropriate. Name them. So why axe it, BBC? Let me guess... not enough bad language, not enough embarrassing human sex scenes, not enough celebrity inanity and infantile behaviour, not depressing enough like all the latest TV dramas and not embarrassing enough to watch with the whole family???? Shame on you all.”

Hywel “I would like BBC to keep Autumn watch for us the viewers.”

Dianne “Please please don't axe autumn watch. It's one of the best programmes on television. A way of getting people interested in the wildlife of this country. Things that's people wouldn't see or know about. Educating people is the best way of conserving wildlife. If they don't know about the countryside, how can they ever care? So please, please don't axe this wonderful insight to the secret lives of our wildlife.”

Angela “Why are the bbc stopping a programme which so many people love? We all need to reconnect with the natural world”.

Paul “Please do not remove this programme. This is essential educational viewing for all ages. It would be a scandal.” Gary “It's the hi light of my year, please don't cancel it”

Joy “I love autumnwatch I and my daughter from she was a little girl been watching this we both love it and we are still watching it please do not take it off the air... I find it very educational and I'm sure the younger generation will learn so much from watching these programs... Please please keep it on...JLSx”

Ralph “This is a great programme. Hugely important. One of the very best. Seems so wrong to axe it when Nature needs more of our positive attention. Far too many game shows on TV!”

Patricia “Do not axe Autumn Watch it is fantastic”

Philip “It’s what you pay your licence for”

Roger “Leave Autumn watch alone,if you need to save money get rid of all the reality shows that are an absolute waste of money”

Pat “Keep Autumn Watch....”

Raymond “Hi. World going mad. What are they doing ? Love football but don't need 3 presenters etc Could get rid of a few other highly paid staff. Lets keep Autumn Watch. Wonderful show and no bad language unlike most evening dramas. S A W Rgl”

Phillipa “An hour of informative relaxation and motivation to appreciate and protect our natural environment.”

Debbie “Save Autumn Watch its what you psy your licence fee for as Chris Packham says ..Its so relaxing and gives people a lift”

Pauline “Please don't stop any of the watches. They r all so interesting and beautiful to watch. Why has this even been discussed. I also happen to know it gives so much joy to people who suffer with anxiety and, if course, the elderly love them.. Hoping you will reconsider.”

Ann “Please let us keep Autumn watch we love it so much”.

Pauline “Please please don't axe autumn watch or any other nature watch, if you do you will be harming our children's education, how are they going to to be interested in the nature around them, and learn to take care of their world around them. I could go on but I'll be here all day explaining why you should axe these programmes, for goodness sake if you need to save money cut some of the rubbish that you do produce and continue to produce in the name of entertainment.”

Heather “BBC please don't cancel Autumn Watch. We need live factual programs. There are too many violent fictional drama's and repeats of the same. We need something to relax us.. As we all have to pay our licence fee now, we should all be able to rely on something for everyone. Variety is the spice of life..”

Marion “Autumn watch should continue. It is now part of our heritage. If it were to go it would be a backwards step for British wildlife. Chris Packam and of course Michaela are the best presenters ever. The show is great. How can the Beeb consider cutting it . SHAME ON THEM”

Lyn “If the BBC need to save money, start by axing some of those awful reality shows on BBC3 and the drivel they churn out on a Saturday night. To axe Autumn Watch would surely be at a huge financial loss to the BBC, as the set is already in place. Is a positive, educational, peaceful experience for all who watch; it appeals to all ages across generations and the BBC should be making more programmes like this.”

Stephen “A perfect opportunity to engage people of all ages to the wonders of our countryside which has been victim of huge losses of many species of flora and fauna .Need all on board!” Jean “We don't want reality cheap mindless TV, we want real programs they feed our minds and teach our children to care for all creatures big or small, we are all connected by nature. Many children never see the countryside these programs are their only chance to engage.”

Maureen “What a big mistake if it's the end autumn watch the I will never watch BBC ever again your idiots you good at taking off the best program s no wonder we seem to WA watch all the violence everyone loves that program Big mistake.”

John “One of the most enjoyable and relaxing programs on television”

Linda “Do not stop favourite programmes or we will stop paying!! All you are showing are things that are 'popular' to certain people which I am not allowed to say.”

Cynthia “The likes of Autumnwatch is exactly what the world needs now! What a stupid choice to drop this kind of fantastic program and keep muddying our minds with gossip shit about Harry and Meghan, the Royals and politics. I am a loyal and admiring American of the best of Britain, Autumnwatch, Winter watch, Spring watch and all the great other nature programs that survive these ignorant choices to cut! Do not dare touch David Attenborough!”

Shirley “Just wanted to say that like many others I'm appalled at BBC cancelling autumn watch nature got me through lockdown and having these programs to watch helped my mental health. For what we pay our TV licence for. It's all game shows and the weekend is a washout. End up watching DVDs.”

Janet “Cut a really first-rate programme and replace it with what? You need to listen to those who pay your wages!”

Peter “Our money; our choice!”

Clive “Please Don't cancel Autumn Watch Along with Winter and Spring Watch it's the Best Programme on BBC”

Thomas “One of the most informative and interesting programs on television.”

Jen “Why cancel one of the best programmes you have on.. There are many people who could present this programme if Chris wants a break, we love it when a member of the public send in videos to. There is so much rubbish on the television this is not one of them.”

Hilary “Its such a change to see nature programmes like autumn watch .very interesting .”

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