Save Autumn Watch Over 100 000 Fantastic People Have Signed The Petition Join Them

Just like the arrival of migrant Redwings here for winter, we look forward to Autumn Watch on our screens.

Wow! Over 100,000 wonderful amazing people have signed the petition to Save Autumn Watch, thank you! If you have not signed yet please do, if you have signed please share the petition far and wide. Send the BBC a huge message - licence fee payers want Autumn Watch on our screens.

Autumn Watch is such a popular TV show why on earth would the BBC axe it? Understandably a huge number of people are very angry at the BBC for axing such a wonderful show. Please sign the petition below, if you have signed please share it far and wide, thank you!

Please telephone the BBC to lodge your comments too - Tel. 03700 100 222 - and your comment will be logged, many thanks to Tony Laidler for the heads up on this phoneline.

All these are new comments received in just the last 24 hours or so...

It is wonderful to read all these comments and see the passion for Autumn Watch but please also telephone the BBC at the number above and make the BBC aware how you feel, thank you so much.

Even more comments keep coming in amazing…

Lisa “This program makes us all aware of the beauty of nature also the eco system to which we are ignorant about till now.”

Frank “Stop paying football reports and weather forecasters such high salaries. All families enjoy Autumn Watch. Wake up BBC.”

John “What are they spending their money on.....streaming !!!!!”

Roy “Those opposed to the cancellation should withhold their licence fee!”

Ruth “Please Please keep the nature seasonal Programmes If Chris Packham needs a break Iolo Williams is excellent”

Nick “I have to say BBC this is one of the WORST decisions you have ever made by cutting Autumnwatch I’m 99% sure you will have nothing to rival this to put in its place BBC hang your head in shame with this decision My reaction to this I award you a Dminus in other words you have totally lost the plot Kind regards Nick”

Roger “For heaven's sake. Always a cracking programme. Please accept the blame for a major cockup and reverse this hideous decision.”

Kerry “One of the most informative and educational programmes on television. Please rethink this decision to axe it.”

Robert “Should not be axed”.

Richard “Better to see these type if programs ( with particular reference to the WATCHES ) as apposed to the many violent drama's that are broadcasted. We also need to educate our youth of our own human fragility, by such as the WATCHES. So I would say never mind about saving money by canceling the watches, find a way to keep them.”

Peter “Why end such a valuable and enjoyable programme enjoyed by everyone who watches it and great presenters who care about what thēy are talking about and saving future wildlife for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.”

Jarrod “This program is much needed and is a great help for today's stressful life”

Lorraine “Please don't axe Autumn Watch all the watch's are brilliant programs. Why would you want to get rid of a live nature program?”

Allen “All the money the BBC wastes on rubbish soaps and unnecessary sketches in between shows,. and they want to scrap an educational program.”

Ken “This will upset so many license payers. Why is the BBC so out of touch with viewers requirements??”

John “Please keep Autumn Watch. I look forward to the watches during the year. We need more programs highlighting the environment not less”.

Madge “Please do not axe winter watch , older people are getting less and less to watch now.”

DJ “I am under no illusions that the BBC is there to serve its customers. Everything it does has no reference to the paying public in its quest for woke actions. The sooner it is closed down the better. BRITISH B C ? Not on your life.”

Yvonne “So sorry you have been axed .was the one good programme we looked forward to.hope you get to come back soon.”

Julie “Why axe this beautiful programme, which is enjoyed by millions. This makes no sense !”

Rob “An extremely informative program, well presented , A true insight into what alot of us do not realise is outside the 4 walls we spend most of our lives behind. BBC should reassess the bad language , violence , & the Ideas that you reveal to kids today.”

Reginald “The best program on BBC and you want to cancel it.”

Raymond “Wildlife needs all the help we can give.the watches are educational , lovely and necessary.”

Irene “Just because much loved Chris Packham is leaving does not diminish a valuable and equally loved and important programme. BBC needs to take note that it is such quality programmes that keep it in existence.”

Andrew “We love Autum Watch, Spring Watch, Summer Watch & Winter Watch! !”

Michael “Don't cancel spring watch now or any time in the future, otherwise l won't pay my license fee”

David “Keep all the watches. If the BBC want to save money get shot of eastenders River city casualty. Education must come first. Kids will learn more about the planet we live on.”

Robert “Autumn Watch is at the heart of what the BBC should be all about.”


Caroline “Please don't cancel!!!”

Linda “Please do not stop this wonderful program best ever love it”

Peter “Please do not axe Autumn watch I enjoy everything about the Show”

Melanie “Please don’t axe autumn watch”

Philomena “Why am i paying my license fee when the bbc no longer respects my viewing or listening choices Bring back Autumn Watch and decent music om radio 2”

Jean “Keep Autumn Watch please!”

Patricia “Please do not axe such an interesting and so informative programme which connects us with nature. Enjoyed by various age group and good therapy for Mental Health.”

Trevor “Please don't stop Autumn watch one of the best programs on TV . Always lookforeward to watching as I have always done for years!”

Marion “Thank you for sharing the Autumnwatch petition. Your support is much appreciated. Marion”

Lizzie “Please do not axe Autumn watch. Wonderful, informative programme. As are the other watches. Encourages young people to understand nature during the passing from autumn to winter... I just love it”

Ron “With Michael Macintyre, The One show, East Enders and endless reality shows to choose from why scrap Autumn Watch?”

Kathryn “Please do not axe Autumn Watch h as many people look forward to watching it. Thank you.”

Alice “Autumn Watch is an integral part of the annual Watches programmes. Please don't axe this fascinating educational programme. I have looked forward to each of the Watch episodes and series, every time I learn some new information about the wonderful world we live within. Our young people do Watch these series and we must ensure that this knowledge is presented for them. If the BBC axe this series will Spring Watch then also disappear. Please do not discontinue the programmes I really do enjoy them.”

Michael “Since the majority of bbc programmes are brainless rubbish why are they cancelling an interesting intelligent one?”

Shelagh “A decent informative program keep it instead of all the foul language junk produced. How could you consider axing it.”

Pat “Please keep all the watch autumn winter spring programmes I so enjoy the nature and all the information. Cut back on all the sport most sport people have sky or the like . It's wonderful seeing all the animals and birds and the insect programmes are fascinating . Thankyou . Save Autumn Watch”

Hugh “Why not termi ate the crisp man and his babbling guests. This show is really a waste of time. From a football fan since the late forties. The days of commentary are late gone.we can see for ourselves how a game has been played. I currently watch ⌚ with the sound turned off.makes more sense.”

Euan “If the BBC want to save money don't spend £7 million on a new logo!! Keep Autumn Watch and get rid of some of the overpaid management!!”

Alison “I love all the watches! Please save Autumnwatch!” Rowenatwh “The Watches are the best best programs on TV.. .The BBC seem to have no idea what a good instructive series this is ..vastly superior to some of the dumbing down rubbish that is on at the moment. Take decent programs like this off and ratings will plummet.SAVE AUTUMNWATCH”

Monica “I live in Dublin, Ireland and Autumnwatch is a must watch wildlife programme for me. No matter that I live on the other side of the Irish Sea. I love and appreciate the programme. Don't cut it from the other seasonal watches!”

Terry “Nature is so inportent in person's life please dont take these nature programs off, they are good for a person’s well being”

Roseanne “I think it's a disgrace that they are cancelling autumn watch my husband and I love watching it The presenters are informative it lifts our spirits when we watch the programme”

Susan “Noo please dont cancel autum watch, we love it so much. More people need to be educated about our wildlife thats in decline big time.”

Judith “Please keep Autumn Watch ect, such a fabulous programme loved by many!!! I'm sure there are many programmes not as popular that you could axe!!”

Rona “Message I have read all comments and would repeat them all. These programs bring sanity into my life. Nature shows us how we should live our lives.”

Paul “We can not let the BBC to Axe the popular Atumumwatch as it's very popular with thousands of people around the country please sign the petition and stop the BBC”

Graeme “Save Autumn watch, pay Gary Liniker & Shearer less”

Seraphina “Please, please don't cancel Autumn Watch, it is not only for adults but children too.”

Wanda “Extremely brilliant educational program with top presenters. This needs to be maintained for future generations, to understand & appreciate nature.”

Sean “Unbelievable idea, the seasons are: spring, summer, autumn, winter... why pick on autumn? It would be as daft as chopping one foot off so as to just have to buy one shoe!” Jean “Please don't cancel Autumn Watch. The BBC produces such rubbish at times. Everyone loves this programme.”

Christoper “Hello this must be. Mistake to cancel autumn. Watch I hope the bbc with change it mind autumn watch it a good programme. To watch about and learn about wildlife pleas BBC change your mind thank. You”

Janet “Unbelievable climate change need to educate many about what is happening and likely to happen to wildlife.The most wildlife depleted country in Europe it needs our support.”

Lee “Please don't cancel automwatch .what you going to put in its place?politics,love Island type show,singing rubbish shows.come on .”

David “Please don't cancel any of the Watches, we deserve a little good in this world.”

Brian “Please don't scrap autumn watch.”

Ruth “If the BBC want to save money, then only have ONE Newsreader, instead of the normal TWO. Easy.”

Claire “Its a lifeline in these terrible times. Gives hope, information & humour. Heart & serotonin boosts, even a sense of community. Please font axe Amy of them. I'm old & need this connection!”

Susan “I do not pay my licence fee to have highly enjoyable quality programmes removed and only to be replaced by absolute dross.”

Susan “Please keep this programme.”

Lisa “There are 4 Seasons in a year, not 3, and to help to inform our generations we need to see them all in their splendor with All that comes with it. Without these types of informative programmes we would be ignorant of all the harmful things going on, i.e Global Warming and how it effects us. So DON'T CANCEL PLEASE”

Julia “Please don’t cancel autumn watch. This is mad, the best programme on tv, loved by all ages. What on earth can possibly justify replacing this - we need more nature programmes not fewer.” Ian “The BBC must not axe Autumnwatch, I want to see Spring watch, Autumnwatch and Winter watch they are the best programmes on the BBC, and why I pay my licence fee.”

Barry “BBC get a grip Keep Autumn Watch Shame on you”

Brian “Another bad idea from bbc ,,,another cooking program instead…??”

Anthea “Leave autumn watch alone its a great programme its lovely to see all the lovely birds and animals and what they get up too and the lovely presenters make it very special.”

David “I will stop watching BBC and save myself money and not pay my licence .period.”

Jane “Absolutely crazy one of the best programmes on the BBC”

Michael “The decision to scrap Autumn Watch is disgraceful if these sort of enjoyable educational programs about our wildlife which needs all the help and protection, we can give it before it becomes to late are slowly allowed to be eroded from our screens for some meaningless reality show or another boring quiz show how are the public going to be informed and encouraged to help wildlife. It's not as if any advertising time is being lost by the BBC so there is no effect on their income because of the number of viewers who watch it.”

Valerie “I’ve already phoned the BBC. Do not axe programme millions love and watch in favour of yet another poor-quality game show or similar.”

Geoffrey “Keep all programs on much loved and only the best programs on TV these days.”

Tony “For goodness’s sake BBC. How on earth did you determine that dropping this excellent series was a good way to save money? Please listen to your viewers and reinstate this series AND cement the places of Winter and Springwatch in your schedules as well!”

Jane “Simple beautiful programme with intelligent presenters. We should be so lucky!”

Graham “Please keep autumn watch”

Mark “Do not cancel this show, cancel the rubbish, there's plenty of it, not this. Wakey wakey BBC”

Karen “Best show on the BBC infact taken up bird watching and love all the presenters.”

Olwyn “Please don't take Autumn Watch off: it's the best programme. On TV.”

Richard “Please do not axe Autumn Watch.It is a great informative wildlife programme and a pleasure to watch.”

Carol “Please do not axe Autumw atch this is a wonderful uplifting entertaining informative programme with superb presenters”.

Jean “Please do not axe autumn watch as it is important for everyone to try and save our planet for the next generations.”

Peter “Please do cancel Autumn Watch, it's a great program and it is a huge snub to your grassroots supporters.”

Charmian “Devastated to hear of this loss particularly in a time of great changes in climate, a need for people to understand and take joy in nature. This programme encourages and involves people to take action to protect this brilliant island and its spectacular wildlife.”

Huge thank you for the messages now please can we ask everyone to telephone the BBC and leave a polite message urging them to Save Autumn Watch! The BBC need to know how you all feel, huge thanks and keep fighting!

Please telephone the BBC to lodge your comments here - Tel. 03700 100 222 - and your comment will be logged, many thanks to Tony Laidler for the heads up on this phoneline.

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